Energy Rekords

Starting in 1990, we are proud to say we are one of the longest living established independent labels in Sweden in general and a classic label in the electronic music field.

Energy Rekords were made through a fusion of three induvidual companies at the time, all run by young guys from Älmhult, Sweden. Håkan Ehrnst/ Front Music Production (Cat Rapes Dog, Scapa Flow, Inside Treatment), Krister Svensson/Electronic Beat Association (Elegant Machinery, Cultivated Bimbo) and Per Faeltenborg/Energy (Pouppée Fabrikk)

First release happened to be the Depeche Mode Tribute "I sometimes wish I was famous" and since then we have released more than 200 releases. Among these you find own contracted bands like S.P.O.C.K , Page,Cat Rapes Dog, Elegant Machinery, Pouppée Fabrikk, Blue for Two, Project-X, Encounter, Infam, Robert Marlow and many more.

Through licenses for the Scandinavian market we have released various acts like Die Krupps, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Frontline Assembly, And One, Das Ich, Project Pitchfork, VNV Nation, In Strict Confidence among others. In 1995 we started two different sub-labels. Beat That! with a indie-pop/rock profile and acts like Yvonne, Sindy Kills Me, The Ark etc. The other was Cascade, housing techno/ambient/dance-styled acts like LCD. In 1998 we made yet another fusion. October, swedish high profile label of electronic pop with acts like Kiethevez, Children Within, Statemachine, De/vision(Scandinavia only), Rational Youth etc. joined the family. In the 1990´s we had more than 10 entries in the official national Top 40 Chart with acts like S.P.O.C.K, Yvonne, Die Krupps, Frontline Assembly, Elegant Machinery and Page.

Today we mainly take care of our backcatalogue and the artists we still have engagement with. We are back were we once started as vinylslovers doing this for pleasure and hopefully some of our old releases will see the light as vinyls in the coming years. Maybe some new releases as well.


We have distribution thru Border ( Sweden ), Auidioglobe ( Italy + Worldwide) and our sister company Hot Stuff doing both Worldwide Distribution and Mailorder . This is the place were you always can find all titles available. We always looking for new contacts for distribution throughout the world. Most of our releases are available for licensing and sub-publishing. 

Per Faeltenborg