Energy classic section offer you full download of two legendary electro pieces. We will try to update this section every now and then.

If you really enjoy these tracks. We strongly suggest you support the scene and buy the actual releases when possible. We hope this section will get people that maybe wasnt around listening to this music at the time to open up their ears to yesterdays classic tracks.

We suggest you use Winamp to play the sounds. It is free to download and available here.

Pouppee Fabrikk - Retrospect
taken from ERCD045 "Rage"
192 Kbps - Size 4.7MB
Pouppee Fabrikk is one of Swedens old true classic EBM acts. Founding members Leif Holm and Henrik Bjorkk followed the single yet so effective footsteps of Nitzer Ebb and DAF. Simple and agressive basslines with pumping drums to create energetic and danceable music. The track taken from their classic album "Rage" where one of the tracks i remember playing a lot on my way to school at the time. Later the duo expanded to a trio when Jouni Ollila joined the band and later also Jonas Aneheim joined to complete the circle. Nowdays only Jonas and Leif are left in the band. Henrik release a lot of music under the name Folkstorm and Jouni has several projects going like Dr. Jones Machine in which we also find his brother Jarmo who people might remember as the voice behind the energy act Daily Planet. A true oldschool classic. Download, put on your old army boots and jump around.

Ticket To Wonderland - Doves
taken from ERCD026 "Witchflowers "
192 Kbps - Size 7.6MB
One of the most under-rated swedish electroacts of all time if you ask me. This duo released two fullenght albums on Energy and they are still among my personal favourites on the label. Their intelligent mixture of electropop and EBM where hard to place in any category which made them in my eyes to something wonderful and unique. "Doves" was the first track that Enegry released by the band. This could be found on the legendary compilation "Virtual Energy". Later it was ofcourse released on their album "Witchflowers". An album which gets my warmest recommendations. If you dont already own it. What the f**k are you waiting for? Get it!! ;-)..... hehehehe... and while you are at it. Get their second one "Dreams Of A Purple Turtle" as well. Mastermind Kristian Pettersson kept busy with ambient project Mindpop a while after the TTW time. But what he does today... I seriously have no idea about.

Cultivated Bimbo - Ready to reveal
Sepulchre Inc. - Celebration
Children Within - The Obvious Truth
Cat Rapes Dog - Trojan Whores